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Each town/city in Western Mass now has a webpage that is dedicated to the business community in that town/city!

All towns/cities get a prepopulated searchable database and a very basic listing for free. But the whole idea is to make that page truly represent the business community for each town.

Each town/city is unique and so is the business community and the people behind it so let’s make that clear and highlight all the great things you have to offer.

In addition, we will help you identify financing through grant programs. Then we can help you really make your business community page represent your unique town/city and help it stand out amongst the entire region.

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Economic Development Tool

LocalPro is an online Economic Development Tool that connects local businesses, media companies, local government, and consumers.

It includes a page for each town/city that is 100% focused on the business community in that town/city. Each business community page will have a prepopulated searchable directory of businesses located in that town/city, demographic and other info that any business owner looking to locate a business in that town would want to know, and business resources like a section for the town’s chamber, SBA, Score… There can also be featured businesses, a message from the mayor that can be updated easily, and much more.

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LocalPro Insights

Community Outreach Tool

Community Surveys – What businesses do the people who live in your town want?
Community Forum – Create a dialog between your town and its leaders

LocalPro Examples

Some Examples of Town/City pages

Basic – Free example click here
Advanced – Paid example click here