Our Program For Media Companies

Connect, Engage and Empower Local Businesses in Your Community

Join us as a media partner and help small local businesses get the attention they deserve. This is not a one-size-fits-all program. It can be customized for your company to be involved on whatever level works best for you.

Join Our Media Partner Program

Western Mass Local Marketplace

Join us and other media companies on a quest to make the Western Mass business community thrive, not just survive. Living Local provides a unique opportunity for your company to participate in all-inclusive, and productive programs to help the business community grow thereby creating a win-win for all involved!

Ecommerce Store

Get your own eCommerce Store

There are more than 40,000 businesses on the Living Local platform and our certification program will allow you to pick the types of businesses you want to help support through discounts and special offers.

Small businesses, for instance, can be offered special, exclusive discounts that larger companies can’t access. Or you can highlight women-owned businesses in a certain town. As our badge program expands you will have more creative ways to sell.

Also, because the information on the website is sortable by town or city, it gives you the ability to efficiently locate and assist potential customers that will benefit from your media platform, whether in a specific town, county, or the entire region.

Press Releases

Get professional press releases from small businesses!

All our small business members will have access to a professionally designed press release template that they can easily complete and submit to the appropriate personnel within your media organization.

Discount Programs

Offer Discounts and Coupons to LL413 Members

The Living Local Certification Program for member businesses will enable you to offer specific discounts to the types of businesses that would otherwise not have the budget to advertise.

Multiple SalesPeople

Each Media Partner can have multiple accounts

As a Living Local Media Partner, you are entitled to have your entire sales team have access to the site information.

Living Local is an ideal lead-generating platform that can be used to facilitate sales contests.  Furthermore, each salesperson will have access to basic sales reports so they can track their success!

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Help your business community and be a part of the solution!

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As a Business Member

Look for your town, enter your business name in the search box and claim your listing and become a member, add your business information and marketing materials.  Take advantage of our programs for businesses.
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As a Town/City Partner

Mayors and town leaders can claim a town/city page, enquire about customizing their page and help their business community communicate, educate, and thrive.
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As a Media Company Partner

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As a LL413 Volunteer

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