Press Release Program

Our media partners are crucial to our success and a very important part of Living Local. A big part of what we do is connect local businesses with our media partners in a way that allows for both parties to benefit.

Below you will find a professional press release template that a business or organization can fill out and when they click on submit, it goes out to all of our media partners.

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Professional Press Release Templates

Please start by telling us who you are and then choose the type of press release you want to send to our media partners and then fill in the questions to give them the right information and increase the likelihood of getting published.

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Join Our Media Partner Program

Western Mass Local Marketplace

Join us and other media companies on a quest to make the Western Mass business community thrive, not just survive. Living Local provides a unique opportunity for your company to participate in all-inclusive, and productive programs to help the business community grow thereby creating a win-win for all involved!