Our Programs For Businesses

At Living Local 413, we’re dedicated to helping local businesses thrive in their communities. Our programs are designed specifically to provide local businesses with the tools and resources they need to succeed. As a business member, you’ll have access to a range of benefits, including increased visibility, recognition as a local business, and long-term relationships with other local businesses and regional organizations. (Learn More)

Business Community Database Program

Claim your business in the Western Mass Business Community Database

We have developed a database with over 42,000 businesses, 103 towns, and 4 counties. It is all about bringing the Western Mass business community together all in one place.

Claim your listing in our database and show that you are local and an essential part of the Western Mass business community.

Start by choosing the town/city you are located in and searching our existing database for your business. Once you have found your listing you can become a member and upgrade your listing to include your logo and more information about your business. If you do not find your business or you find your business but the information is incorrect, please contact us and we will help you make sure you are represented in your town correctly.

If you decide to become a member you will not only get a more detailed listing but you will gain access to our programs for businesses. Click here to learn more.

Badge Program

Help others in your business community know who you are!

Become a part of a movement of people who care about living locally here in the 413.  As you tell us more about you and your business, we will help make it easy for others who are like-minded to find you.

Our database is organized by town/city and everyone has a prepopulated list of all the businesses in that town. You can search by business name or keywords like a bank, insurance, lawyer… or whatever you may be looking for.

Perhaps more importantly, we already have 6 badges. These badges emphasize things that are important to people in our community but are not included in other directories and databases.

Media Program

Micro Businesses get highly discounted rates for local advertising!

Quarterly Media Blitzes – 4 times a year we have media blitzes that all of our media partners participate in and sync to promote the concept of spending your money locally. Newspapers provide Living Local branded pages and then we work with our TV and Radio media partners to promote the fact that it’s happening.

Business Talk Radio & Podcast Show – Interviews local business people and community leaders every week.

Professional Press Release Template and Submission System.

Pathway To Local

A Pathway To Local For Students

Student Pathway – Application > Interview > Internship >  Local Job
Local Business Pathway – Application > Interview > Intern > Employee

The Pathway To Local program is focused on helping connect local junior and senior college students with local businesses and give them a clear pathway to staying local. We do this by working with local colleges/university leaders to develop modern solutions that we then work with teams of professors and students to develop those solutions together.

Local/Regional Business Resources

Get Help For Your Business

Find local resources you need to help you with your business on all 103 town/city pages!

This section highlights the business help organizations and resources that are located in this town/city.

Chamber Of Commerce Information – Your local Chamber is still the best way to network and create relationships with other people in your town/city and in the rest of the Western Mass business community.

Regional Business Resources – Under the section that lists the local resources in a Town/City is a list of regional organizations that help businesses in many different ways. This includes organizations like SBA, SCORE, VVM, EforAll and many more.

If you are an organization that helps businesses in Western Mass, please feel free to contact us and get more information.

Hot Spot Events

We make your events better

Living Local 413 prides itself in being as neutral and all-inclusive as possible and one way we do that is we do not have our own events. Instead, we prefer to work with other businesses and organizations and make their events better.

We bring our marketing, media campaigns, and people to your event and make it a better event!

Join Us

Help your business community and be a part of the solution!

As a Consumer Supporter

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Become a consumer supporter and be part of the solution and become a supporter of your business community, join here.


As a Business Member

Look for your town, enter your business name in the search box and claim your listing and become a member, add your business information and marketing materials.  Take advantage of our programs for businesses.
To learn more about becoming a member click here.


As a Town/City Partner

Mayors and town leaders can claim a town/city page, enquire about customizing their page and help their business community communicate, educate, and thrive.
Search for your Town/City click here
Contact us about your Town/City business community page - click here


As a Media Company Partner

Since the beginning, we have recognized that the media plays a special role in the business community here in Western Mass. Please join us as a partner and let's explore what we can do together click here

Learn more about our programs for Media Companies. click here

As a LL413 Volunteer

The only way we can change things is together. We are always looking for more people who care about their business community.  To learn more about the organization and see how others are contributing, visit our "About" page - click here

Or if you would rather just donate your money rather than your time, please donate here