Our Programs

Focused On Four Segments

Our Western Mass business community development programs are separated into the following four segments. Which segments are you interested in? Please explore them all and let us know how you would like to get involved in your business community.

For Consumers

Support Your Western Mass Business Community

Living Local 413 programs for consumers include a Western Mass grassroots movement that promotes local businesses & educates consumers on why and how we can eat, shop, and hire locally.

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For Businesses

Giving you the online tools you need to connect with your community and thrive

Your Money Stays Local! It stabilizes the local economy through job creation and entrepreneurship. It supports local police, fire, and sports teams… and if that is not enough, it’s good for the environment.

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For Town Leaders

Connect, Engage and Empower People In Your Community

The LocalPro platform and business community pages for towns that are ready for better ways to connect with their business community.

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For Media Companies

Connect, Engage and Empower Local Businesses In Your Community

Living Local certified and verified businesses can all benefit from a good deal on advertising and marketing. Our certification program and verification process will help you offer the right kind of help and discounts for the businesses that really need it.

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Join Us

Help your business community and be a part of the solution!

As a Consumer Supporter

To learn why and how to spend your money locally click here.
Search our Western Mass business community database to find local businesses click here.
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Become a consumer supporter and be part of the solution and become a supporter of your business community, join here.


As a Business Member

Look for your town, enter your business name in the search box and claim your listing and become a member, add your business information and marketing materials.  Take advantage of our programs for businesses.
To learn more about becoming a member click here.


As a Town/City Partner

Mayors and town leaders can claim a town/city page, enquire about customizing their page and help their business community communicate, educate, and thrive.
Search for your Town/City click here
Contact us about your Town/City business community page - click here


As a Media Company Partner

Since the beginning, we have recognized that the media plays a special role in the business community here in Western Mass. Please join us as a partner and let's explore what we can do together click here

Learn more about our programs for Media Companies. click here

As a LL413 Volunteer

The only way we can change things is together. We are always looking for more people who care about their business community.  To learn more about the organization and see how others are contributing, visit our "About" page - click here

Or if you would rather just donate your money rather than your time, please donate here