Listing Plans

Choose the listing plan that is right for you and your business. All businesses who pay for a listing at any level become a member of Living Local 413 and can access our programs for businesses.


Edit your own listing in our database!

Your money will help us keep the Western Mass business community database up to date and make sure you always have access to and control of your information.

As a business member, you will have access to our programs that are developed for the business community.

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Business Listing Details

    • Max. Towns: The number of towns/cities that a business can claim their listing in.
    • Location Info: This includes the address of the business.
    • Phone Number: Including a phone number is crucial for businesses, as it provides customers with a direct line of communication.
    • Map Display: This feature can help customers easily locate the business and get directions.
    • Logo Display: Displaying a business’s logo will help increase brand recognition and awareness among potential customers.
    • Business Tagline: A short phrase or slogan that summarizes what a business is all about. Including a tagline can help customers quickly understand what a business does and what it stands for.
    • Website Link: Including a link to your website can help drive traffic to the site and provide customers with more information about the business.
    • Social Media Links: Including links to a business’s social media profiles can help customers connect with the business on various platforms and stay up-to-date on the latest news and promotions.


VIP Listing
$250/ year
  • Max. Towns: 1
  • Standard Plus
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video
  • Tags/Keywords
  • Business Hours
  • Menu
  • Deals-Offers-Discounts
  • Events Announcement


Multiple Listings
$500/ year
  • Max. Towns: 3
  • Advanced Plus
  • Announcement
  • Deals-Offers-Discounts
  • Events Announcement
  • Hide competitors Ads


Multiple Businesses
  • Pro Features Included
  • Tailored Made For You
  • Over 3 Towns
  • Multiple Businesses
  • Custom Page Content