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by | Mar 3, 2023 | President's Blog

After engaging in numerous discussions with members of the local Western MA business community, a unanimous agreement has been reached that having a comprehensive calendar that displays all the events in the region would be highly beneficial. The community is faced with a surplus of non-profits and businesses hosting events, which makes it challenging to schedule an event without overlapping with another. Furthermore, it can be tough for individuals interested in attending events and networking to select which event to attend without missing out on another.

As the president of Living Local 413, I am currently researching ways to provide a solution for this issue and would like to share some thoughts while gathering input from the community.

Advantages of having a large business community calendar for events:

  1. Increased Visibility: A large business community calendar can help increase the visibility of events to a wider audience, including potential customers, partners, and stakeholders.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Businesses can use the calendar to identify events that are relevant to their industry, allowing them to network with like-minded individuals and organizations.
  3. Collaboration: A business community calendar can foster collaboration between businesses and organizations by providing a platform to share resources, ideas, and opportunities.
  4. Improved Planning: Having a centralized calendar can help businesses and organizations plan their events more effectively, reducing conflicts and ensuring that resources are used efficiently.
  5. Promotion: A large business community calendar can be used as a promotional tool to attract attendees to events and increase awareness of products or services.

Challenges of having a large business community calendar for events:

  1. Coordination: Managing a large community calendar can be challenging, particularly if multiple organizations are involved. Ensuring that events are properly scheduled, promoted, and managed can be time-consuming and require significant coordination.
  2. Data Accuracy: Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date calendar requires constant attention and input from all participating organizations. Errors or omissions can lead to confusion and frustration among attendees.
  3. Overwhelming Amount of Information: A large business community calendar can quickly become overwhelming with the sheer amount of information available. Users may struggle to find relevant events or filter out irrelevant information.
  4. Competition: Businesses and organizations may view each other as competition, making it difficult to collaborate or share resources. This can create conflicts over event scheduling and other issues.
  5. Limited Engagement: While a business community calendar can be a valuable resource, it may not be used to its full potential if users are not engaged or actively contributing to the calendar.

In conclusion, having a large business community calendar for events offers many advantages and is worth doing. However, it also presents some real challenges that we will have to work out together. I believe that overcoming these challenges and maximizing the benefits of a centralized calendar will help our businesses and organizations better manage their events and foster a stronger sense of community.

Although Living Local 413 can provide the necessary technology and administration required, ultimately, the success of this initiative hinges on our collective efforts. Our mission already includes doing many things that bring our business community together, and I am optimistic that by working together, we can pull this off!


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