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42,000+ Businesses | 103 Towns/Cities | 4 Counties

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Welcome to our non-profit organization, focused on building stronger, more self-sustaining, and self-reliant business communities in Western Massachusetts. Our goal is to educate consumers, support local businesses, empower and include towns/cities, and make it easy for media companies to help promote these efforts.

Business communities are like eco-systems, they thrive on activity. When consumers spend money at local businesses, everyone benefits. When businesses engage with and receive support from their communities, everyone wins. We invite you to join us on our quest to strengthen our local business community and contribute to the overall well-being of Western Massachusetts.

All-Inclusive: Living Local 413 provides a platform that is welcoming and inclusive of all businesses in Western Massachusetts. We understand the importance of all businesses, regardless of their size, in creating a thriving business community.

Our focus is on supporting small and micro businesses that may need extra help in navigating the challenges of running a local business. We believe that by working together, we can create stronger and more self-sustaining business communities throughout the region. Join us in our mission to support and empower local businesses of all sizes.

Accessibility: Living Local 413 is committed to breaking down the barriers that isolate rural and urban businesses in our region. By utilizing technology and a comprehensive database of 42,000+ businesses, we connect and empower businesses throughout Western Massachusetts.

Engagement: Living Local 413 is effective in building relationships between businesses and consumers, as well as fostering partnerships with other local organizations. We aim to complement and collaborate with other groups, rather than compete with them.

Responsiveness: At Living Local 413, we understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses. We have invested time and resources to better understand the needs of our community and offer businesses access to mass media, consumers, and a diverse database of businesses across all industries in our region.

Diversity: We represent 42,000+ businesses of all sizes and types including local manufacturers, small businesses, women-owned businesses, home-based businesses, non-profits, franchises, veteran-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and many more.

You can’t have businesses without consumers, you can’t have towns/cities without businesses and if you have all of those and don’t tell anyone about it via marketing and the media, it won’t matter much!


For Consumers

For Businesses

For Towns/Cities

For The Media

Consumers – Discover the many benefits of living local and learn how to make a positive impact on your community by shopping, eating, and hiring locally. Get to know the people behind the businesses in your area, support entrepreneurship, and help create a stronger, more self-sustaining economy for everyone.

Businesses – Showcase your local roots, get more exposure, and build lasting relationships with local consumers and fellow business owners. Join our business community database program to gain access to a network of resources and support, and become part of a thriving ecosystem of small and micro businesses that are driving economic growth and innovation in Western Massachusetts.

Towns/Cities – Show your commitment to supporting local businesses and building strong, vibrant communities. Our dedicated business community page and comprehensive database of all businesses makes it easy for you to connect with new and existing businesses, and provide resources and support for entrepreneurs in your area.

Media Companies – Collaborate with other media companies and join a powerful movement that is driving positive change in Western Massachusetts. By promoting the benefits of living local and supporting small businesses, you can help build a stronger, more resilient economy and make a real difference in the lives of people in your community.


It’s simple, your money stays local!

It stabilizes the local economy through job creation and entrepreneurship. It supports local police, fire, sports teams, and if that isn’t enough… it’s good for the environment because we aren’t shipping things all over the place.

Take a good look at almost any main street USA and you will realize that we have a big problem and need to re-consider what we are doing with our local commerce and local economy.

100% local solution created and run by people right here in Western MA!

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